Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Scrabble DIY

This is one of my recent DIY attempts in order to make my bedroom a little bit more fascinating!
My room is always messy, no matter how often I tidy up... I blame it all on work and the fact that I usually rush about in the morning and throw most of my clothes on the floor in search of something!

The scrabble tiles are actually off my grandmother. She gave me a very old scrabble board and letters many years ago, and due to the fact there were many spares in the set, I decided to put some of them to use!
I really love typography and letters due to the fact I studied graphics, and due to being a bit of a computer geek! 

For this particular DIY, you will need:

★ White card
★ Strong glue
★ A darker or coloured card for the mount
★ Scrabble tiles
★ Photo frame

Good luck and happy DIY-ing! 



  1. love this, I have a scrabble necklace! Can't help but wonder... is that Abersoch in your header, my bad if not! Reminds me of my second home! Great blog xxx www.daisydigital1.blogspot.com

    1. Yes it is Abersoch!! Where abouts do you live there? :) It's a really nice place!
      x x x

    2. I live on the Wirral but I have been going to Abersoch all my life, like a second home, right by the main beach, we rent a house in Sarn Bach. Have you ever been to Wakestock? Just been going through your blog, really nice. Love Portmerion pics, I've been there, it's great isn't it! Nice to see familiar places! xxx

    3. Aww that's really cool :) It's a lovely place to visit!
      No, I've actually never been to Wakestock, some of my friends have!
      x x x

  2. I love this idea! So sweet and thrifty :) x

  3. This is such a nice idea, and they look lovely! xx

  4. Such a cute, unique idea :-)


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