Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekly Roundup (In Instagram!)

Lesson from the bf / Birthday present off my brother / This is where I work... / Crafty DIY sessions / An Italian village / New cookbook / Menai Bridge / I love these flowers / Aroma diffuser which I'm loving at the moment / Beach times again / Birthday cake / Thank you gifts / Happy cows for daddy's birthday / Tea break / Bedroom wall makeover

This week, I've tried to cram as many things in as possible, although I could've done a lot more! I felt as if my blogging has been a little bit better this week by tactically scheduling posts I want to share with you throughout the week! 
Other than working, this week has been spent sorting out my bedroom and creating some craft pieces to hang up on the wall! I've also enjoyed afternoons walking along the beach after work (due to the fact I work at Dinas Dinlle!) This is something I should do more often - usually I drive home after a rather annoying day at work, but from now on, I think I'll take a walk along the beach to clear my head (there's nothing better than refreshing sea air and the calming sounds of the waves!) 
This week, I've also spent a little day out with my dad which has become a very rare event at the moment due to other things taking over my life!! We went to Portmeirion which is a little Italian inspired village near Porthmadog! (I will have a blog post coming up about it sometime this week!) And also enjoying a few tea breaks here and there using my bone china teacup and the cutest milk jug in the world! (Both extremely lucky charity shop finds!)

Next week, I don't really know what I'm up to! I've got a few photography projects coming up, so that will be really exciting for me! I'll make sure I share with you!
I'm also hoping that my Wednesday off will still be a day off so I can go out somewhere for the day! This is usually the highlight of my week! I also have some DIY crafty projects on the go which I want to share with you too! Oh, and before I forget...I'm working on a little video! I've been filming a tiny bit with my iphone last week and I'm trying to collect all the clips together and turn it into 'my week in film!'

Anyway, I hope you've all had a really lovely week and a nice weekend!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  1. Lovely as always! I love those scrabble "pictures" for your wall! :)

    I'm pretty pissed at Instagram right now though...It crashed on me and I can't get it to work again! I miss it so haha :)

  2. I've been to Portmeirion, it's lovely isn't it?
    Love seeing your weekly roundups!

  3. Love all these snaps! Also very jealous of the fact that you can have a stroll along the beach after work; I will be able to once the evenings get a bit lighter but at the moment by the time I get home and get out again (I live near the beach but don't work near it) it's dark! Nothing like the sound of the sea to make all the worries of the day fade away! Looking forward to seeing your DIY crafty projects, I am in a bit of a craft rut at the moment having botched three lavender hearts at the weekend!

    1. Aww I always love your seaside photographs! :)
      Exactly, the sea is such a beautiful thing!!
      Will be posting some crafty DIY stuff very soon
      x x x

  4. Wow, amazing blog :D! I am now following you. I hope you check out mine and follow: thanks for your time and God Bless!


  5. aaahh, i love instagram photos! ;)

    p.s. a walk on the beach everyday sounds really good -- i wish i live by the beach so i can do that too, i could use some relaxing time. :)

    <3, Mimi
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