Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekly Roundup (In Instagram!)

Last weekend I went to visit my boyfriend on the train, and oh my gosh did I have a nightmare journey back home! I reached Chester after chances of delays on the way (but it was all fine in the end) I had 40 minutes to spare, so I went for a drink, sat down, relaxed, ten minutes to go and I headed towards the right platform only to realise my train to Bangor had been cancelled....
Something had happened to the train line between Rhyl and Chester and so they stuffed us in taxis all the way to Rhyl (and so I was sharing a 7 seater taxi with random people, very funny times indeed!) Even though I had a lovely weekend, I couldn't wait to get back home after that incident! Next weekend I'm going to see him with my car!!

So this week has once again been and gone! I've been working hard as usual (and done my back in- ouchie!) Yesterday we had incredibly lovely weather (23 degrees in fact) so me and my dad spent a lovely day having lunch out in Caernarfon, then moved on for a lovely walk and ice cream at Criccieth! 
I received a lovely gift from DyfalDonc through the post too (those adorable little heart earrings!)
I also got my new glasses!

I didn't manage to go to the antiques shops like I was hoping, but me and Lora are going to try and go together and make a lovely day out of it!
I haven't got much planned for next week other than visiting the boyfriend over the weekend!

I hope you've all had a really lovely week and weekend! 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  1. Sounds like you've had a super sweet week, except for hurting your back! The ice cream looks delicious too!x

    1. Thank you for your comment lovely :)
      x x x

  2. Your train journey sounds like every single train journey I seem to embark on! (: Trains never run to time/turn up do they, they always seem to stop right before my stop with some kind of problem! (: Sounds like you had a lovely weekend anyhow though! And is that a baked bean pizza I see?! I used to love them xx

  3. What a terrible journey! The rest of your week looks pretty good though - can't say no to ice-cream weather!

  4. Love your blog - such cute pictures! New follower :) x

  5. These instagram pics are awesome! LOVE you nails by the way :) If you like my blog, do you want to follow each other? :)


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