Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Bunny Nail Art

Models Own // Nude Beige // Snow White // Pastel Pink

I hope you all had a very very lovely Easter weekend!! I haven't really been celebrating Easter much, or in fact had any eggs except for the one I shared with my boyfriend last week! I might pop to the shops and buy a cheeky Malteaster Bunny or two!
However, I did try these bunny nails out just to join in on the Easter spirit! I saw Sophie's photo on Instagram and instantly fell in love with hers! Unfortunately, my Models Own nail art pen has clogged up a while back, and I have no other nail pens, so for these nails I used an old and extremely thin knitting needle and dipped it in some polish! 

Did you experiment with some nail art over the weekend?



  1. These are SO cute! I really suck at nail art! x

  2. Ah, thank you for the mention! :) I love your nails, the little noses are so cute! The knitting needle technique is a cool idea too, who'd have thought! :) x

  3. These are amazing! I don't have a steady enough hand to paint my nails normally let alone do something like this, so cute (: x

    1. haha thank you!! (There's a reason why I haven't shown my right hand - I didn't get round to painting the nails! Plus my left hand isn't that great at nail art!)
      x x x


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