Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's Time For A Wedding

Before you jump to any conclusions, no my boyfriend has not suddenly proposed! These photographs are for a friend (she's getting married next month - I'm so excited!)
We've been discussing ideas since I'll be taking photographs of the wedding along with my boyfriend who's taking the role of the other half of my brain for the day! After the wedding, we're hoping to get a photo book printed as a cute reminder of the day for her - so these photographs are absolutely 100% important!

As for me, I have no idea what to wear for her wedding! If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I've seen a couple of Topshop dresses I like on their site, but when I've seen them in person, they haven't won me over! I really want my outfit to have a quirky and cute feel to it. Pink being the colour of the wedding, I'd like to find a light pink dress!

I'll be sharing some of the wedding photographs on here once edited, along with the finished photo book I hope!



  1. i think 40's style dresses are so cute for spring/summer weddings! but I know some people don't like that style of dress, :( Your so lucky you get to go to a wedding! I have only ever been to one and that was when I was like 7!

    1. Yeah they really are. I also really like prom style dresses or skater style. I'm looking for something like that in light pink! :) Hopefully I'll find something very soon :)
      thank you for your lovely comment
      x x x


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