Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wedding Outfit Ideas

This is a rather unusual post for me. I don't often blog much about fashion...But this was an emergency!

I'm going to a wedding in three weeks, and I literally have no idea what to wear...! Everything seems to be going against me somehow, as I really need to educate myself on appropriate wedding attire!
First of all, I found the most stunning cream dress on ASOS, however, I immediately cancelled my order after remembering 'you should NOT wear white, off white or cream to a wedding!' I was so set on the dress, that I ordered it in another Also a rather big no no in the wedding world...I wish I could've found a blog post or website to help me with my outfit dilemmas!

Anyway, putting all my wedding outfit disasters aside, I've been absolutely loving Topshop recently for their pastel perfect items! I think their dresses are a real perfect and safe option for a wedding, remaining classy and sophisticated. 
It's also important to be comfortable. I'll be there all day long and on my feet for most of it due to the fact I'm also playing the role of the photographer! For me, the shoes above are just something nice to look at and lust over! In reality, I'll be switching between my comfy flats and mid heel courts!

I've ordered the pink dress in the first image off the Topshop website. I actually saw it in person, and was left rather surprise by the fabric and the weight of it. However, I think it's good quality and I can see myself (if it fits nicely) wearing it again and again! 
What do you think of it? 
And most importantly, what would you wear to a wedding?

I'll keep you all updated on what I actually decide to wear very soon, followed by many pictures of the day itself hopefully!



  1. I love the first pair of shoes!
    I never know what to wear for weddings either, my boyfriend's best friend is getting married in August and I'm already panicking about what to wear haha


  2. Haha then we can panic together!! :)
    x x x

  3. I love the dress! I think it's a good pick for a wedding :) but I'm not an expert haha. I've only been to one wedding and I was a bridesmaid so I didn't have to deal with the outfit dilemma! But like I said I think this is a good pick!

  4. The first look is absolutely gorgeous! I didnt know that you couldn't wear red to a wedding either? The outfits you've put together look so nice, you've got very enviable style :) xxx

    1. Aww thank you lovely!
      I'm really hoping the dress will fit so I can wear that sort of style outfit!
      x x x


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