Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekly Roundup

New Ikea desk // Leopard nails // Desk accessories
Filming with this cutie soon // I want this // Love post from Ladybird Likes
Lovely hair clips // Cute kitty (not mine) // Cute messages that make me smile
Custom made necklace // Inspiration // Lovely Zoe

In all honesty, this week has gone rather quickly! My second week of work went well as I spent two days on a course which was a good eye opener in terms of the media industry. 
I received my custom necklace from Ladybird Likes this week, and I am incredibly happy with it! I'll be blogging about my order this week, so I won't say too much!

My boyfriend is finally back from university for good (yay!) He does have quite a lot of work still left to do until he has to hand all his projects in however, but it's nice to have him back (and nice not to have to drive 3 hours to see him)
This weekend has been rather horrible in terms of weather. We were hoping to visit Betws Y Coed to take some photographs and have a lovely walk along the river. Unfortunately, our Sunday didn't quite go to plan due to the weather. Instead, we spent the day at a local garden centre (being incredibly inspired by all the lovely interior displays they had)

I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment - cross stitching, wooden DIY projects, film etc - I want to finish all of these this week if possible (and of course blog about them)
I have another Tutorial Tuesday coming up this week (I hope you enjoyed last week's 'edition'!) Oh, and also....My blog is currently 'under construction' as I'm adding a menu on the top! Let me know what you think of the changes and the new header.
My boyfriend is coming over this week to see me after work (which is very kind of him - now he has his own car!) So I'm thinking of having a noodle night and attempting to cook a huge 'ramen' noodle soup for us both! Wish me luck...!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a really nice week and a lovely weekend. 



  1. I love your leopard print nails! I haven't managed to master them at all but yours look great!

    It is a shame your Sunday didn't go to plan - the weather has been awful at the moment hasn't it? I can't wait for a day of sunshine just to break up the rain! xx

    1. Don't worry - I've got a video tutorial on leopard nails coming up this Tuesday :)
      It really is a shame about the weather, it's been pouring down non stop for absolutely weeks (or what seems like weeks!)
      Hope you've had a lovely week
      x x x

  2. I really want to start doing videos too! I signed up to vimeo earlier. Not really sure what videos to do though :/
    The custom necklace is a beaut :) xx

    1. I didn't know what to do either, but once you start filming a bit with your phone and messing about with editing, it just comes to you :) Then you get all sorts of ideas!
      What about making a baking video with one of your lovely recipes?? :)
      x x x

  3. great pics :)

  4. Lovely as always :) I really like the leopard nails! Adorable!


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