Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tutorial Tuesday : Pebble Plant Markers

Since my time has been limited over the past few days, this will be my Tutorial Tuesday for this week!
Yesterday, I created this pebble herb marker to put in my lavender pot! They're coming along nicely now due to the warm weather we've been receiving.

For this project, you will need:

A large pebble
Paint (I used white acrylic and black gloss)
Pencil or pen to mark

It's as simple as that! First of all, I painted the entire top half of the pebble with white acrylic paint. Once dried, I marked out my letters with a pencil. (To get a little inspiration, I looked on DaFont which is great! Obviously my font on the pebble is wonky, or as I like to call 'handmade')
Once you've marked your letters, you can paint around it, or inside it with any colour paint you wish. I made sure I had a very small brush to do this job.

Leave your pebble out in the sun to dry and within a couple of hours, it'll be sitting in your plant pots!

Have fun.



  1. I really like this, looks very effective :) xx

  2. Aw, this is such a cute idea :) x

  3. These are so cute, so simple but lovely! As soon as I have my own garden I am doing this (: xx

  4. What a good idea! I bought some lovely terracotta markers and they fell to pieces over the winter! These will last a lot longer!

  5. this is really cute :)


  6. These are great. I've just been planting loads of veg and these would be ideal!


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