Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tutorial Tuesday : Reuse & Recycle

Lately, I've been trying to recycle and reuse as many things as possible. Don't ask me why I need to hang onto plastic bottles or empty yogurt pots...I just do!

A while ago, I showed you a little GU Puds lavender arrangement. But this week, I'm going for a mini beach inspired tea light holder!
I'm lucky that my brother had bought a couple of boxes of GU Puds, and they come with these ever so gorgeous glass jars! In fact, this little DIY barely cost a thing to make, but looks really cute. I can imagine using this in our bathroom or on my windowsill. The pebbles were collected locally too!

What do you use your empty pots and jars for?


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

Our little hen // Obsessed with my new boots // Mummy
Nail art makes me happy // View over Conwy // Home grown lettuce
I want to wear these // New drinky pal // Plastic bottles DIY

I feel as if I can't exactly sum up this past week. In general, I haven't been up to that much. But I am definitely promising myself I'll do some more this week. I've got a lot of things I want to do after work this week, so I'll definitely have a LOT to blog about! Although I must admit, I will have to watch every penny. It's very important for both me and my boyfriend to save as much money for our future as possible, and while he's looking for work, I want to be able to save.

That's partly why I've started growing my own food. Yes, I'd have to grow a LOT more in order to be more self sufficient. But I'm merely testing out what it would be like in the future when I'll have my own garden to do so!

I'm really enjoying growing my own veggies at the moment. I want to grow some strawberries next and some basil too so I can make home made pesto!
I'm also trying to do my own stuff so I'm not tempted to go out and buy new things! I'm working on a couple of plastic bottle DIY's, including making a tea light holder out of one! I'm also trying to finish off some cross stitch projects this week and I'm determined to bake some more home made bread...Gosh, it's going to be a busy week!

Fiona's To Do List

Sell items on Ebay
Tidy my bedroom 
(it's been messy and unorganised for too long now!)
Buy strawberry plants + compost
(depending on the money issue...!)
Finish my cross stitch and maybe start another
Knit more...
Bake some more bread
Go to the beach and collect pebbles
Take photographs and blog about these things!

What's on your to do list for this week?

(Oh, and I've also got a Youtube Channel now...! Check it out here


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fast Forward

I haven't posted a video in a while! I occasionally film on my phone, if I see something cute I like, or if we go somewhere nice for a day out! However, this is basically a summary of what's been going on during this past month.
A lot has actually happened over the past month, which obviously this video does not show.

I'm definitely growing up, becoming a lot more 'mature' - and enjoying granny hobbies. Ok, maybe not so much 'granny' hobbies - but I get excited when I see my vegetables growing, or knitting a tea cosy, or drinking tea out of one of my vintage cups!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a very lovely week indeed! Tomorrow is not the nicest of days for me and my family. It'll be six years since we lost my mum. And my gosh, it's just as hard, if not even harder. As my life moves on, I can't help but think about her more and more. I keep thinking of all the future events in my life and the fact she won't be there with me to enjoy those moments. Life unfortunately just has to move on without the loved ones you've lost...

I don't really know how I've been able to cope with it, or how I am still coping with it, other than the pure fact you just have to. Some days are worse than others. Sometimes I wake up feeling upset. But no matter what, I know she'd be very proud of me...

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

Let's preserve it // Hotel room // Best quote ever
Pillows // I want a shower like this // I'm relaxing
Our 'failed miserably' tent
Gorgeous stuff in Debenhams // Mini pug // Chicken cup
My lettuce is looking good // Ladybird // Amazing waterfall
The view we had yesterday after a lovely walk

As you know, I took Thursday and Friday off work in order to spend some time with my boyfriend. He was in fact handing in all his university work on Thursday.
We arrived Barnsley just after lunch time, and because handing in his work and sorting things out took longer than expected, there was no time to do much else really.
We checked in at the hotel and spent the evening relaxing.

On Friday, we spent a lovely day at Meadowhall (we used to go there a lot when I was visiting my boyfriend at his flat whilst at uni) I unfortunately spent a lot more than I should've at Primark...Oops! Although I did get some really cute dresses, boots and other ''essentials!''
Our plan was then to drive to the campsite which we had arranged online, and so we did. We were camping five minutes away from the lovely Bakewell, and I couldn't wait to explore and take some pictures. We arrived at the campsite on this fairly miserable looking evening. Our tent was easy to set up since we had a pop up one, although my boyfriend had some struggles and epic fails due to it blowing with the wind. (We had one incident where he had let the tent blow away and it got caught in a hedge - ALMOST flying over it....) But together, we managed to pitch our tent, get cosy inside and start relaxing as we had brought my laptop and a couple of DVD's!

Later on that night, we came to realise our tent had a couple of holes (this could've been because of the hedge incident, we're unsure!) But on the inside, the entire roof had become damp and was starting to drip also. It was still raining, the wind was blowing fiercely - it was obvious this was going to be the hardest night's sleep ever! I had managed to fall asleep a couple of times before getting nudged by my boyfriend who was complaining about the large drops of water landing on his head!
Very early that morning, we decided to pack up and drive back home. It was probably our only option, and at this time of 'morning' it was still very dark outside!

The journey seemed to go by rather quickly. When we arrived home, although it was still very early morning, it was now light outside....Although, another disaster awaited...! 
We were locked out.
My boyfriend's sister had been out the night before, was not at home, and couldn't remember where she had placed the key. Several hours later when she returned, the key was finally found, we got in the house but decided it would be a waste of a day if we went to sleep! So Saturday was an extremely strange day!

Yesterday, we spent a lovely day taking a walk to Abergwyngregyn Waterfalls. We decided to walk back down an alternative route, and the views were absolutely amazing and well worth it! I'm glad we spent the day doing this, it made my weekend worthwhile after a couple of disasters, and obviously having to sacrifice going to Bakewell!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend (and less disastrous) 
Have a very nice week!


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crafty Goodness

Everyone knows by now that I love some crafty goodness! I've been meaning to post some snaps of Zoe's (Ladybird Likes) beautiful and ever so adorable packaging / labels / envelopes! This is just a fraction of the cuteness...

I've been incredibly inspired to use old pieces of paper (in order to do my bit of recycling) to use as gift wrap and packaging. That is a definite must on next week's 'to do' list.

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely week so far. I suspect I'm now in Barnsley (as this is a scheduled post) And tomorrow we're going camping to Bakewell if all goes well! Due to probable lack of internet since we're staying in a field, I made sure I had something to post! I'm hoping I can update you all on Twitter / Instagram of what I'm up to - and expect a very lovely (I hope!) post when I return.

Have a nice weekend!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vegetable Challenge

I've been wanting to grow my own vegetables for quite some time now. In fact, I've been wanting my own garden for quite some time, but that's another story...!
Over the past couple of days (if you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen) that I got a few vegetable plants to start out and to see how they would turn out! At the moment, I have some lettuce (probably far more than I need) tomatoes and beetroot. I'm most looking forward to the beetroot since I'm obsessed with pickled beetroot in jars (and I desperately want to make my own)

Anyway, this is my attempt at growing my own veggies. I'll be posting some pictures of how they're getting on....And hopefully, if they turn out nicely, I can post some recipes too!

I feel like I'm posting a LOT about 'gardening' lately, but I just really like the idea of growing my own 'produce', cooking with them, and just being a bit more back to basics in general. I'm going to bake my own bread again this week - and since I'm really pinching the pennies this week (ouch) I'll be baking some bread to take on our camping trip too!

I'm really looking forward to our trip Thursday! Although it's going to be extremely hard to resist buying new clothes at Meadowhall, or a cheeky purchase at Paperchase... However, I'm looking forward to our camping side of the trip! Hopefully, I'll get a good chance to take some proper photographs with my Canon. We're also camping near Bakewell - It's booked, so I can't wait to visit there.

Anyway, I'll either post a bread baking post just before or after our trip! I hope you're all having a very lovely week so far.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

A little thank you // Vegetables // Nail art
Roses in the garden // Goodies // Collecting jars
Fish pond // My saviour // New skinnies

In all honesty, this week has not been the most exciting of all! With our extended four day weekend last week, I unfortunately don't have much to share this weekend!
Today I popped to Snowdon Nurseries on my way back home from seeing my boyfriend - and purchased these lettuce plants and tomato plant! I'm super excited to start growing them properly. I think I'll get a plastic coated shelved 'greenhouse' to keep these in. I also want to grow some beetroot, so I'm hoping to have my own little mini vegetable 'vertical patch' going on soon!

Every day, I'm dreaming more and more of having my own place and doing the garden up (there's no harm in dreaming right?)
I'm really loving the idea of being self sufficient at the moment, especially in my own home. I'd definitely want a mini green house full of vegetables and a chicken coop for egg supply! I'd also love to sell some of our fruit and veg, even pickle them or make jams! 

Anyway, enough of that! This next week is a short one at work for me. I'm off with my boyfriend to Barnsley on Thursday since he has to hand in his university assignments! We're staying a few miles away from Sheffield, so Meadowhall will definitely be on the cards. I'm also desperately hoping for an Ikea trip too....
On the Friday, we're going camping in the Peak District (near Bakewell I'm hoping) So if anyone has been there, let me know what I should see or do! 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lavender Arrangement

I've really been into growing things in the garden lately. One of the plants I love to grow the most has to be the lavender. I love its strong fragrance and beautiful colour.
I bought this lavender plant a few weeks ago, you'll already know this if you follow my blog regularly! Well, it had flowered quite a lot, and in order for the plant to toughen up a bit, you have to make sure you cut the flower heads off within its first year, or it might not survive the harsh winter to come. I cut my flowers off a few days ago, with new buds fast appearing (extremely exciting!!)
What I decided to do with the flower heads and leaves was to make this small flower arrangement. Lavender heads are great for drying and adding to pot pourri!

For this project, I used :

An empty shallow glass dish
(thank you brother for eating GU puds!)
Lavender heads
Lavender leaves and stems
Cellophane wrapping
Tags or any other wrapping

I cleaned out my jar thoroughly before starting to lay the leaves around the edge. Once you are happy that you've got enough leaves and stems around the edge, fill the hole in the centre with your lavender heads!
To maintain freshness if you wish to send to a friend (which is what I chose to do) Put some cellophane wrapping around the top of the jar, and secure with a ribbon or elastic band.
Decorate with tags, paper, wrapping, anything you like!

And there you have it, a perfectly perfumed mini lavender arrangement!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

Healthy lunch box / Polka dotty / Garden centre trip on my lunch break
A lovely package from Ladybird Likes / Drying lavender / Fresh duck and chicken eggs
Feeling poorly / Escaped hens / Picnic time
Buying fresh eggs / Union Jack cupcakes / Topshop nail varnish

This past week has been nice, apart from the feeling poorly bit...That was not nice! Luckily, I can say by today I'm feeling good! (Especially after the most amazing fried duck egg on toast!)
As you can see by the food photos, I'm also trying to eat as healthy as possible (minus the cupcakes, although we didn't have one!) My boyfriend's village held a Jubilee party yesterday, and we all had to bake or cook something to take along with us. If you follow me on Instagram (FionaFach) you'd have noticed the extremely large cake table! I've never seen so many cakes in my life!! Tomorrow, my boyfriend's mum is having her own Jubilee party, so I'm assuming we'll be baking some more!

I really do love this time of year, I've also noticed a lot more stuff going on around me. I especially love living in a small village, you find the loveliest of things! Like the people living down the road from my boyfriend selling duck eggs. I love finding home made or fresh produce like that. I'm also trying to get myself into gardening a bit more with my lavender plants. I also really want to start growing some vegetables, like beetroot or tomatoes! Any suggestions?

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have a nice Jubilee bank holiday.


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