Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

A little thank you // Vegetables // Nail art
Roses in the garden // Goodies // Collecting jars
Fish pond // My saviour // New skinnies

In all honesty, this week has not been the most exciting of all! With our extended four day weekend last week, I unfortunately don't have much to share this weekend!
Today I popped to Snowdon Nurseries on my way back home from seeing my boyfriend - and purchased these lettuce plants and tomato plant! I'm super excited to start growing them properly. I think I'll get a plastic coated shelved 'greenhouse' to keep these in. I also want to grow some beetroot, so I'm hoping to have my own little mini vegetable 'vertical patch' going on soon!

Every day, I'm dreaming more and more of having my own place and doing the garden up (there's no harm in dreaming right?)
I'm really loving the idea of being self sufficient at the moment, especially in my own home. I'd definitely want a mini green house full of vegetables and a chicken coop for egg supply! I'd also love to sell some of our fruit and veg, even pickle them or make jams! 

Anyway, enough of that! This next week is a short one at work for me. I'm off with my boyfriend to Barnsley on Thursday since he has to hand in his university assignments! We're staying a few miles away from Sheffield, so Meadowhall will definitely be on the cards. I'm also desperately hoping for an Ikea trip too....
On the Friday, we're going camping in the Peak District (near Bakewell I'm hoping) So if anyone has been there, let me know what I should see or do! 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!



  1. Lovely post, I adore your nails in the photographs!
    I live in Sheffield just by the Peak District, Bakewell is lovely! Chatsworth farm shop is a must visit and Bakewell has the most epic car boot sale every Sunday :D If you need any recommendations for places to eat, shops, etc just ask xx

  2. When I get older I want my own place with a mini forest in the backyard. With lots of trees because I love trees so I totally understand why you want a garden! Dreaming is awesome!

  3. Hope you have a lovely few days away and enjoy your camping trip!
    My Mum grows beetroot [and lots of other veg] and it always comes out lovely - and I'm not even a massive fan of beetroot, but hers is always tasty :) xx

  4. I love your self-suffiency plan! That's exactly how I'd like to be in the future, I'm going to get my mama to help me make jam some time soon, just so I can say I made this! (: Hop you enjoy camping, let's hope the weather's good for you xx

  5. Lovely! :) The nail art looks amazing! I still need to get one of those pens! And floral skinnies! Gorgeous!

  6. New reader! Found your cute lil blog from Zoe's post! What a sweet package you made! :) I love those floral skinnies. Need a pair!! Have a lovely day!


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