Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekly Roundup

Let's preserve it // Hotel room // Best quote ever
Pillows // I want a shower like this // I'm relaxing
Our 'failed miserably' tent
Gorgeous stuff in Debenhams // Mini pug // Chicken cup
My lettuce is looking good // Ladybird // Amazing waterfall
The view we had yesterday after a lovely walk

As you know, I took Thursday and Friday off work in order to spend some time with my boyfriend. He was in fact handing in all his university work on Thursday.
We arrived Barnsley just after lunch time, and because handing in his work and sorting things out took longer than expected, there was no time to do much else really.
We checked in at the hotel and spent the evening relaxing.

On Friday, we spent a lovely day at Meadowhall (we used to go there a lot when I was visiting my boyfriend at his flat whilst at uni) I unfortunately spent a lot more than I should've at Primark...Oops! Although I did get some really cute dresses, boots and other ''essentials!''
Our plan was then to drive to the campsite which we had arranged online, and so we did. We were camping five minutes away from the lovely Bakewell, and I couldn't wait to explore and take some pictures. We arrived at the campsite on this fairly miserable looking evening. Our tent was easy to set up since we had a pop up one, although my boyfriend had some struggles and epic fails due to it blowing with the wind. (We had one incident where he had let the tent blow away and it got caught in a hedge - ALMOST flying over it....) But together, we managed to pitch our tent, get cosy inside and start relaxing as we had brought my laptop and a couple of DVD's!

Later on that night, we came to realise our tent had a couple of holes (this could've been because of the hedge incident, we're unsure!) But on the inside, the entire roof had become damp and was starting to drip also. It was still raining, the wind was blowing fiercely - it was obvious this was going to be the hardest night's sleep ever! I had managed to fall asleep a couple of times before getting nudged by my boyfriend who was complaining about the large drops of water landing on his head!
Very early that morning, we decided to pack up and drive back home. It was probably our only option, and at this time of 'morning' it was still very dark outside!

The journey seemed to go by rather quickly. When we arrived home, although it was still very early morning, it was now light outside....Although, another disaster awaited...! 
We were locked out.
My boyfriend's sister had been out the night before, was not at home, and couldn't remember where she had placed the key. Several hours later when she returned, the key was finally found, we got in the house but decided it would be a waste of a day if we went to sleep! So Saturday was an extremely strange day!

Yesterday, we spent a lovely day taking a walk to Abergwyngregyn Waterfalls. We decided to walk back down an alternative route, and the views were absolutely amazing and well worth it! I'm glad we spent the day doing this, it made my weekend worthwhile after a couple of disasters, and obviously having to sacrifice going to Bakewell!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend (and less disastrous) 
Have a very nice week!



  1. Oh no, what a distaster! Something you can only think back and laugh about now huh?
    The last photo is beautiful.

  2. that is quite possibly the best quote ever! i need these in my life.x

  3. I love that quote!

    What a shame about your camping but at least you gave it a go! :)

  4. haha what an adventure! At least the two of you hot to spend some time together

  5. Hahaha, and this is why I don't go camping! I love it when things go wrong like this though, not too wrong that they're horrible, but comedy things which just make the whole trip a lot more memorable (: Glad you had an enjoyable, if a bit wet and cold and lack of sleeping weekend haha (: xx

  6. great photos!! love the one of the ladybird! :) x


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