Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I've been a little bit obsessed with strawberries over the past few days (as you can tell by the post!) 
On Monday evening, I made some very lovely strawberry jam with my brother, who's equally into making it as I am! We both tried it out yesterday, and I can announce that it's the loveliest strawberry jam I've tasted, probably ever, and it will be very gladly accepted on my piece of toast!

I then went on to make some little strawberry innocent hats for their 'Big Knit' 2012 campaign where little innocent smoothie bottles will proudly wear hats in order to raise money for Age UK. Last year, I was a little late, in fact I didn't know about it until I saw other people blogging about them or Facebook-ing photographs of their hats! This year, I'm getting in on the action a little sooner as I plan to knit quite a few of these little bad boys! (I'll be sharing my photos and patterns with you - don't worry!!) 

Anyway, that's all for now! I hope you're having a lovely week - and guess what?! We're half way through the working week! 



  1. Think I need to make me some jam! Looks and sounds amazing! xx

  2. This is so cool! Looking forward to seeing your patterns.
    Your blog is a real pleasure to read and we are new followers.
    JS xx

  3. great post :)

  4. Fe nath ffrindiau i fi ffeindio Strawberies mewn spermarket bin, natha nhw 'Bin Strawberry Flavour' Jam! Oedd o mymryn yn runny ond yn gorgous!
    Dyma vid amdan 'binio' cael bwyd o biniau i arbed gwastraff


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