Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekly Roundup

A dream house // Homemade soup // Vintage cornishware
Ombre nails // Homemade bread // Vintage, vintage, vintage
Do you really need that many watering cans?!
Fell in love with this bad boy // Open // Cross stitching the night away

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves a bit more this week. It's been a very long week somehow with an even stranger weekend...
Unfortunately my boyfriend has been ill with a very yucky infection on his face which left him in rather a lot of pain (As I'm sure he'll be reading this at some point or another - get well soon sweetie!) We were unable to do much on the weekend, and in all honesty, I just wanted to look after him and make sure he got better. However, we did manage to take a quick trip to one of my favourite shops ever - This super cute antiques shop in Penmaenmawr!

If you ever get the chance to go, please do. It's well worth a trip - even more so now they've added an extra shed at the back with more treats in store! Some items are not that cheap, and if you're looking for a bargain, then you're probably visiting the wrong shop! But, if like me, you like to have a look, get inspired and maybe likely to purchase that one special item (or have lots and lots of money to spend on quirky antiques - I wish!!) Then this is definitely the place for you...!

Anyway, this week I'm hoping to get lots and lots of lovely things done! I've heard about Innocent Smoothies and their Big Knit campaign which is starting again soon - I'll talk about that in another post, but I'll be sharing my patterns and ideas with you about that!
I'm also making jam this week with my brother which I'll post about another day!
And, I'm going to an art exhibition opening this week which gives me the chance to dress up a little bit and do something special.

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very lovely Monday despite the horrible weather...



  1. I love that cute cross-stitch at the end, so cute! This is the kind of thing I want to do over summer to decorate my room with (: xx

  2. Your blog is utterly stunning, i love your banner! All your photos are beautiful i cant wait to see more.
    Your new follower Anna


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