Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekly Roundup

Night time // Skinny cappuccino time // Cath Kidston time
Enjoying my new mug // My lovely boyfriend // Knitted Innocent hats
Thank you Innocent // Cath Kidston on tour // Yummy raspberries 
My inspiration // Time to celebrate next week // My crafty bits and bobs

This past week has been a rather nice and colourful one! I've been enjoying some craft based activities after work in the evenings... My current obsession is knitting Innocent hats! I've knitted around 5 or 6 all together, but I obviously want to make as many as possible. (I'm also going to make some for myself as egg cosies!)
Innocent very kindly admired my photo I posted on their wall of my little hats...!

As the weather has stayed sunny over the weekend, I've enjoyed spending some time outside with my boyfriend. I can't wait for next weekend though, he's hoping to get his university results soon - and so I have some celebration ideas in mind...Shhhh, don't say a word!!

Well, that's it for this week. I've got a few things in mind for this next week as mentioned. I'm also going to bake a little bit more this week, as well as making my own apricot jam.... I'm hoping to blog about it so you can follow along with the recipe! 
Have you been up to anything interesting this past week? And most importantly, did you all have a lovely weekend?



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