Friday, 10 August 2012

Hair Care

How's your week been?
I got my dental frenectomy over and done with....Thank god for that...! Today is a bit better than yesterday. I woke up feeling ok after wondering whether I'd fall asleep or not. I'm hoping this is my journey to recovery now - and I'm getting all 8 yucky stitches taken out next Thursday!

Anyway, this post isn't about my dental treatments, it's about hair....
My hair has been rather annoying me for quite some time...It's been bleached over and over, and despite conditioning it like mad I was still unhappy with the way it looked.
In fact, I didn't truly know which products I should be using and how often, and how styling it almost every day could be so damaging.
My ever so faithful hairdresser which I've been seeing for absolute years suggested the products above. And so the other day when I got my hair dyed and cut (It looks much darker than it does in the photo above!) I also purchased these...

SP Repair Shampoo
SP Repair Conditioner
SP Volumize Leave-in Conditioner
SP Perfect Ends 

The volumizing leave-in conditioner is absolutely perfect and such a great idea. Apply a small amount which comes out as a mousse to your damp hair, then style. My hairdresser suggested I blow dry my hair and leave some velcro rollers in for a while as an alternative to straightening my hair all the time. Or put it to the side, or up on alternating days when I haven't washed my hair.
She gave me a used bottle of the SP Perfect Ends so I could try it out at home, and I can't wait to give my hair a good wash and style to try out all the products! I'll let you know how I get on with them.

My hair has become very dry after bleaching, and although I now have darker, more natural shades in my hair, I want to look after it as best as I can.
Which products do you swear by for your hair?



  1. I´ve never used that product.. :)

    1. Neither have I apart from at the hair dressers :) Let's see what I think of it!
      Will be sure to do a review on here!
      x x x

  2. You have such beautiful hair and eyes! And I love your hair pin! :D
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on.
    Lots of love! <3


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