Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Recent Purchases...

Dress : H&M
Scarf : Miss Selfridge
Leather Jacket : Primark
Nails : Models Own 'Nude Beige' & Elegant Touch Bling

A little Instagram post for you today - I recently took a trip to H&M and got these three items at the sale! (Well...the pink jacket wasn't on sale, but it was cleverly placed by the changing rooms, and of course, it was absolutely unavoidable!) 
I've noticed I've been wearing dresses a lot more than usual lately. I don't know if my head has finally got round the fact it's actually summer or what...! But I'm enjoying wearing dresses for the first time in a long time!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! Tonight, I'm just chilling out. My dental appointment is first thing tomorrow morning, so I'm slightly preparing myself trying to avoid over thinking... I have a couple of posts scheduled up for the next few days too!
Oh, and please ignore the huge huge roots in this photograph as well as the past few posts! I got my hair sorted out tonight, as well as some new products to try out...



  1. I really want a [fake] leather jacket like that! Not prepared to pay too much though so might have to head to primark and try to find one.
    You look lovely! :)
    Once again, hope tomorrow goes well - be thinking of you. xxx

  2. Love the scarf, the print reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. And that nail bling - wow!

  3. I can definitely see why the pink jacket was unavoidable! I love it.x

  4. I love your scarf and lippy! Stunning :)

  5. Love the cat dress : )


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