Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekly Roundup

Me and my boyfriend yesterday // Essie bargains // Handmade notebooks
My new favourite book
Cute DIY bookmarks
Wedding time // Chocolate cake // Cath Kidston nails

My week looked a little bit like this...
It's been a hectic one, and very very tiring. Yesterday, me and my boyfriend were filming at a wedding. Although it was a very nice day, we returned home tired after a long day. I think all the lack of sleep from last week has definitely been catching up with me...
My working week is a very short one this week, consisting of two days before I go away on my little trip to London with my boyfriend. I'm so glad we can spend some time together for a change, instead of the typical weekend together then another week apart! 
If you have any suggestions where we should go, what we should see, please let me know!
We haven't been incredibly organised with what we're going to do, and I'm a girl who likes to plan....!

Anyway, I'm going to leave this blog post short and sweet as I crawl into bed.
I hope you've all had a very lovely week and weekend.
(Oh, and I have a few blog posts lined up for this week while I'm away)



  1. Lovely photos, that cake is sooo cool x

  2. Those foxy bookmarks are lovely, what a great find! Definitely going to make some of those when I'm back from holiday! Also love the notebooks you made, you clever thing! X

  3. Great photos! The cake looks so good.

  4. Ahh lovely photos. Love visiting your blog, the photography is always so beautiful. That chocolate cake looks amazing!

    Aw hope you enjoy your trip to London. Central London is great but there are some lovely areas in North London that you could visit. Hampstead Heath for example (Not sure if you've ever been). Hampstead is a lovely little villagy type area, I love chilling out there. Kensington is lovely too. They have a huge farmers market there and of course, Harrods!

    Hope you have fun, whatever you do!

    Jen xx

    P.S Hope you get some rest =)

  5. Wow that cake look amazing :)


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