Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Life Lately...

I realise I haven't posted on here for quite some time, and in all honesty, I haven't been feeling like 'myself' - whoever that is!
For all of you who happen to follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that my almost three year relationship has come to an end. By choice. Now, I'm on the road to discovery...
I've spent an enormous amount of my time with friends over the past week, and it's been lovely. It's lovely to be able to catch up with friends you rarely get the chance to see. I have a couple of things coming up that I'm really looking forward to. One of them has to be a date with my two closest friends to see Breaking Dawn part two and the classic Pizza Hut evening! I'm also planning on a trip to Aberystwyth to do some Christmas shopping at one of my all time favourite shops! 

Anyway, apologies for not being able to post much on here, and thank you for sticking by through tough times!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nail Art

I've been meaning to post about nail art for quite some time, I just haven't got round to doing it!
I absolutely love nail art, and I really wanted to put a post together of my favourite nail art pics over the past few months.
In terms of experimentation, I haven't delved that deep so far. However, my absolute all time favourite has to be the leopard print. It's super easy, quick and fun to do. Every time I look down at my nails, I get that 'Ahh I love them!!' feeling...

These photographs are for you to enjoy and to hopefully inspire you a little. If you'd like me to make a video or blog post tutorial on any of the above, please let me know!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly Roundup

This past week has been a very lovely week for me! 
Unfortunately my orthodontist appointment (the big day!) had been cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday. It was a very exciting day for me as I was getting my braces removed.
Thursday came, and luckily my appointment wasn't cancelled once more. I finally got them removed after a year and a half of constant orthodontic/dental treatments! I am so glad it's over and done with and I can finally smile with confidence. I've literally had so many comments both online and in person and it's left me so overwhelmed! 

After my appointment in the morning of removing my braces and getting a cast/mould made of my mouth for retainers, I decided to go charity shopping with my dad. Something I miss incredibly...
Although we didn't have a lot of luck that day, I did manage to get myself a very cute wintery jumper, some balls of wool AND a very cute vintage teapot! 

Yesterday was spent at Betws Y Coed with my boyfriend before a very quick stop at Llanrwst on the way back. I'd heard of a cute little tea room there (pictured above : the little house covered in leaves!)
I'd been wanting to pay a visit but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. We planned to go yesterday, but settled on a Costa instead! I'm hoping I can go at some point next weekend though!
I'm often thankful of the things I make my boyfriend do. I completely understand he's not the 'let's go grab a coffee and have a chat' type of person, in fact, he doesn't even like coffee, but does it anyway!

Anyway, this week, I really MUST get some things done! I still need to finish my second thrummed mitten. I also want to knit some more for my friends as Christmas presents (yes, I'm thinking of Christmas, because time will literally fly between Halloween and the 25th of December!) I also want to make use of the wool I got from the charity shop, possibly to make some fingerless gloves?
And I MUST MUST MUST post some more on here this week.
Oh, and a Halloween outfit must be sorted, as well as some little party recipes? What do you think?

My mind is literally all over the place!
I hope you've had a very nice weekend! Did you get up to anything interesting?


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blackberry Crumble

Last weekend, I went blackberry picking with my boyfriend. Our Saturday was a surprisingly warm and sunny one, and so, we decided to make the most of it.
My boyfriend had absolutely filled our container to the very top with blackberries, and as we returned home to wash them, we came to realise we had plenty more than expected...

As you can see, I didn't take many photos of it before it was all scoffed up...In fact, I made another one which my dad enjoyed with his daily dose of rice pudding. I love how old fashioned he is when it comes to his food and rather plain diet! If you were wondering about the recipe, here it is...


500g Bramley Apples
500g Blackberries
175g Demerara Sugar 
Lemon juice
A sprinkle of cinnamon

For the topping

200g plain flour
175g butter
50g Demerara sugar
120g muesli 

Peel, core and chop the apples up. Make sure your blackberries have been thoroughly washed too! Place in a saucepan with lemon juice and sugar. Put them on a medium heat until the sugar has mixed in nicely. Don't heat for too long - that's why they go in the oven!

Place your fruits in a pie dish.
Mix the plain flour, butter, sugar and muesli together to form a crumb like mixture. Pour your crumby mix on top of the fruits and bake in the oven for 45 minutes on 200 degrees. 

And there you have it!



Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekly Roundup

Hand knitted Peter Pan Collar // Chow mein stir fry // Essie Tour de Finance
Full length OOTD photograph
Cath Kidston nail art // Hand knitted mittens // Tea in a teacup
Photographing flowers on the weekend

Another week has been and gone... I've enjoyed my evenings of knitting whilst watching the Great British Bake Off after work! I stupidly missed a couple of episodes of the series, so I'm catching up!
I managed to knit myself a Peter Pan collar which I can wear with some plain jumpers to add some detail. I've also knitted one mitten....I'm going to knit its other half either tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent blackberry picking with my boyfriend. The weather was absolutely lovely yesterday after a week of rain and thunderstorms, and we most definitely took advantage of it. 
We returned home with a big container full of blackberries, ready to be washed and baked in a lovely crumble. 
It sure was delicious...!
I'll be posting the recipe up here at some point this week. Although, I didn't manage to get many photographs before it had all gone.

Have you been up to anything interesting this weekend?


(Oh, and the photograph of me was a request from one of you a while back when I posted photos of my outfit at the wedding we were filming. Although I look rather angry, this is the only decent full length photo my boyfriend managed to get!)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewellery by Lora Wyn

I've recently been doing some more photography work for Lora
Her work has been featured on here a couple of times now, and even though she's a friend, she's an incredibly talented one and I absolutely love what she does.
Next month, we're both hoping to have an afternoon of (crafty) goodness at her unit in Glynllifon. If you live locally, I highly suggest you pop over! I won't announce the time/date just yet, but details will be up on here very soon.

The afternoon will consist of:

Freshly baked cakes
Plenty of tea (served in pretty vintage china!)
Purchasing Lora's jewellery (with an exclusive 20% off)
A knitting session with myself (with hopes of setting up a club!)
And lots lots more!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very lovely week! I will be off to see my boyfriend over the weekend, but have nothing major planned!
I hope you all have a very nice weekend.
Are you up to anything interesting?


Monday, 1 October 2012

Weekly Roundup

Braces are coming off soon!!! // Nail art // Knitted rose
Flowers for my mum
Innocent hats // Cupcakes with dolly mix // Flower arrangement

This past week has been an incredibly busy one! I literally haven't posted much on here or anywhere else for that matter...
Apologies for being an awful blogger...!
I definitely want to get some more stuff done this week. I'm hoping to get a lot of things knitted! I'm already thinking about birthdays / Christmas gifts! I definitely want to give my friends some customised goodies this year. Thoughtful gifts instead of a last minute panic! I've seen a couple of cute patterns online I'd love to try out!

Some things I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks...

Halloween is soon approaching and I can't wait!!
Thinking of cute Halloween recipes
The release of Breaking Dawn part two
My boyfriend's graduation
Getting my braces off...!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very lovely week and weekend.
I promise to post some more stuff this week!


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