Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewellery by Lora Wyn

I've recently been doing some more photography work for Lora
Her work has been featured on here a couple of times now, and even though she's a friend, she's an incredibly talented one and I absolutely love what she does.
Next month, we're both hoping to have an afternoon of (crafty) goodness at her unit in Glynllifon. If you live locally, I highly suggest you pop over! I won't announce the time/date just yet, but details will be up on here very soon.

The afternoon will consist of:

Freshly baked cakes
Plenty of tea (served in pretty vintage china!)
Purchasing Lora's jewellery (with an exclusive 20% off)
A knitting session with myself (with hopes of setting up a club!)
And lots lots more!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very lovely week! I will be off to see my boyfriend over the weekend, but have nothing major planned!
I hope you all have a very nice weekend.
Are you up to anything interesting?



  1. dwi mor egsaited at pnawn crafty ni :D ieeei! dioolch eto btw!! mwynha'r wicend! welai di mewn pythefnos! xxxxx

  2. Lora's jewellery is stunning.
    And your crafty afternoon sounds soooo good! If only I lived closer. xx

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! She sure is very talented.
    Have a great weekend xx


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