Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekly Roundup

Hand knitted Peter Pan Collar // Chow mein stir fry // Essie Tour de Finance
Full length OOTD photograph
Cath Kidston nail art // Hand knitted mittens // Tea in a teacup
Photographing flowers on the weekend

Another week has been and gone... I've enjoyed my evenings of knitting whilst watching the Great British Bake Off after work! I stupidly missed a couple of episodes of the series, so I'm catching up!
I managed to knit myself a Peter Pan collar which I can wear with some plain jumpers to add some detail. I've also knitted one mitten....I'm going to knit its other half either tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent blackberry picking with my boyfriend. The weather was absolutely lovely yesterday after a week of rain and thunderstorms, and we most definitely took advantage of it. 
We returned home with a big container full of blackberries, ready to be washed and baked in a lovely crumble. 
It sure was delicious...!
I'll be posting the recipe up here at some point this week. Although, I didn't manage to get many photographs before it had all gone.

Have you been up to anything interesting this weekend?


(Oh, and the photograph of me was a request from one of you a while back when I posted photos of my outfit at the wedding we were filming. Although I look rather angry, this is the only decent full length photo my boyfriend managed to get!)


  1. Gorgeous photos, as usual.
    I'll be interested in seeing the recipe for the crumble! I've never made it myself, and would love to give it a whirl :)
    Also looking forward to my peter pan collar ;D I got a couple more little bits for you today, and need to get on with making you something sometime this week. Still undecided! Anything you fancy? xx

  2. Your knitted collar is amazing! And perfect for winter wear too - my knitting skills extend to a rather holey scarf, that's about it! (: xx

  3. You're layout is soooooo cute!
    And those nails are also so adorable,
    lovely blog dear :)

    follow me?

  4. Such beautiful photographs! I absolutely love your nail art, it's so pretty. <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. I love your weekly roundups, so many great pictures :) That stir fry looks pretty amazing!

  6. Hi dear…nice blog… ❤
    What do you think to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC too?
    Kiss and have a nice day


  7. Gorgeous photos girl! So glad I found your blog, I love it :) x


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