Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekly Roundup

This past week has been rather nice. My weekend was absolutely full to the brim, but very very lovely. On Friday, I went out for a lovely meal followed by a gig at a local pub.
Saturday was spent with Carla watching The Paper Cinema's Odyssey followed by a few drinks and a much needed catch up! 

I spent yesterday in Beaumaris with Lora. I have a thing about towns near the sea, I just instantly fall in love with them. Aberystwyth is definitely on the list of beautiful seaside towns, I love the smell of seaweed, the fresh sea air and the beautiful shops filled with hand crafted goodness.
Beaumaris is absolutely lovely. Lora's been dog sitting for the past week, and so we spent the afternoon sipping tea out of vintage teacups at Beau's Tea Room, followed by a lovely stroll along the pier and some window shopping. Most shops were unfortunately closed, or I'd arrived there a bit late... I'm definitely going to plan another visit some time this week. 

I've been meaning to start on my Christmas shopping, but in all honesty, after having a long chat with Lora, I'm going to support local produce and buy most of my Christmas gifts from the smaller shops and boutiques in the area. We also have many Christmas markets coming up, so I'll definitely be on the hunt for beautiful hand made presents!

It seems as though this week is going to be a busy one... I'm literally super excited to see Twilight on Friday, followed by a much needed hair appointment on Saturday...As well as trying to schedule in some retail therapy!

I hope you've all had a very lovely weekend, are you up to anything interesting this week?
Oh, and another thing...I'm definitely going to re-decorate my bedroom. Well, when I say re-decorate, I mean re-accessorise! I can't wait for a fresh new start and lovely new things to look at.
I'll keep you all updated...



  1. I'm all for supporting local/small shops too, there aren't too many near where we live though.

    Also I haven't seen any upcoming craft fairs or Christmas fairs which is disappointing so I might have to do a bit of searching!


  2. Your weekend sounds so lovely :- ) Liking the idea of supporting the small shops around Christmas; I find they're usually a lot more interesting than a lot of high street stores anyway (or maybe I just get bored easily)

    Xx. Emma @

  3. Completely agree with supporting local and handmade for this Christmas! I run my own handmade ceramics company and always try to buy all my presents from other artists and designers like me!

  4. I prefer weekends that are busy and full of fun things - cuddling in pajamas is great, but so is going out and making memories!
    p.s. I always make something handmade for Christmas presents - I buy stuff too, but I knit scarves for people like an old grandma ;)


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