Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A post swap


A while ago, both me and the lovely Sophie decided to do a post swap. 
Unfortunately, I've been extremely busy lately and haven't really had the time to blog... I do feel rather ashamed.
Sophie sent me a yummy pack of jelly babies and a very bubbly chocolate Santa! She also sent the gorgeous nail transfers (which appeared in one of my recent blog posts) along with a very cute postcard which is now hanging up on my wall, and some other hand made goodies!

As promised, your package is in the post Sophie (and apologies for the huge delay!) I'm sending over some gorgeous Peris and Corr goodies as well as my hand knitted Peter Pan collar!

☆    ☆    

On another note, apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. There really is no excuse, and I do intend to take my Canon on more days out with me so I can actually blog some more. I'm taking the week off work next week to spend some quality time with family, finishing off my Christmas shopping and seeing Mumford and Sons at Manchester (plus a quick visit to the Manchester Christmas Market. I'm so excited!)
I'm also intending on posting some Christmassy recipes, DIY makes and my easy knit mittens pattern... Keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you've all had a very lovely weekend. Do you have any plans for this week?


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  1. :) I am so pleased you liked what I sent you and I'm looking forward to yours! The Peris and Corr goodies look so lovely! Excited! :D

    I hope you have a lovely week off - what you have planned sounds lovely! Hope you're able to chill out and relax to the max. xxx


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