Sunday, 27 January 2013

Weekly Roundup

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I can't believe I received some of the items I blogged about on Santes Dwynwen! If you were celebrating Santes Dwynwen, I hope you had a very lovely day. Our evening was spent at Dylan's - a very beautiful pizzeria in Menai Bridge. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.
Yesterday, we had a lovely walk at Newborough forest, but unfortunately it started raining, and we were unable to walk to Llanddwyn Island.

A week on Tuesday, I'm starting my very own knitting club which I'm extremely excited about! I'll post some more details on here soon. I've also got a couple of knitting patterns to share with you - including a very lovely cable knitted bobble hat - an essential in this extremely cold weather!!

I'm keeping this post very short and sweet - but I hope you had a very lovely weekend.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Santes Dwynwen


Here in Wales, we celebrate Santes Dwynwen on the 25th of January - which is considered to be the equivalent to Valentine's Day. The remains of Dwynwen's church can be found on the island of Llanddwyn, legend says she is also buried there.
Llanddwyn island is a very beautiful place, and if you have the time to visit, I highly recommend it! Whether you're celebrating Santes Dwynwen or not, here are some very beautiful Welsh gifts to spread some love!

1. Welsh Lovespoons £9.95 from Adra
2. Caru £39 from Cwt Tatws
3. Caru Pillow Covers £16 from Bodlon
4. Heart Tape £3.50 from Bodlon
5. Caru Ti Mug £10.00 from Bodlon
6. Caru Ti Spoon £7.50 from Bodlon
7. Red Hearts Earrings £26.10 on sale from Lora Wyn

Just another quick note - I've been busy photographing some of Lora's work over the weekend. Her beautiful red and black hearts collection jewellery are on sale for a limited time only over the Santes Dwynwen period. They make gorgeous gifts and they're all beautifully hand crafted - Head over to her website to take a peek!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a very lovely week so far.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year, New You...

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I have a few New Year's resolutions for 2013, but the most important one of all is to spend more time doing the things I love. 
During 2012 I started to bake a lot more, and still very much enjoy it despite not being able to find the time for it right now! I received a lovely cake stand over Christmas which I want to use as often as possible! I can't wait to have a gorgeous cake underneath its glass dome. Another resolution of mine (which was something I didn't stick to last year) is to read more. I wish I had more knowledge of books, I wish I had read a lot more than I have. The image above is just a teeny selection of books I've been wanting to finish...
I think 2013 will bring lots of crafty goodness. After picking up my knitting needles last year, I've enjoyed experimenting with different patterns (as well as the reward of new accessories at the end of it!)  I'm currently arranging a knitting club which will hopefully start very soon. I can't wait!

I've also taken interest in the thirty day smoothie challenge after discovering it on Instagram. I've been mostly sticking to it, although I did have a dinner of veggies this evening instead of my daily smoothie fix. I'll be posting some pics and recipes up on here over the next few days if you're interested!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a very lovely week. Friday is almost here!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Catch-up

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It seems I haven't posted on here for quite some time once again. It's definitely one of my New Year's resolutions to blog more often! Sorry to all you lovely readers...
Well, I haven't been feeling quite myself lately. But with the helping hand of my new boyfriend (who's extremely lovely - I won't go into too much detail - it's still early days!) my feet are firmly back on the ground and I'm starting to discover what I truly want out of life. Most of my resolutions are to delve into the things I enjoy the most - knitting, photography, blogging.

Anyway, as for my Christmas break... It was very lovely. Here are just a few snapshots of what I've been up to. 
I hope you've all had an extremely lovely Christmas break and a very lovely start to the new year! I'll be back very soon with some more exciting blog posts I hope!


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