Tuesday, 26 February 2013

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This silly internet business is driving me crazy! If you're wondering why the lack of blog posts, my internet connection is to blame once again unfortunately...
I thought (while I can) I'll post a little bit of an update!

I last posted one of these at the beginning of the month... It's now nearly March, and my birthday is soon approaching. Well, it's next week in fact...

Valentines Day has been and gone. Mine was spent at the cinema watching Wreck it Ralph and making pancakes covered in syrup! That weekend, I'd bought some theatre tickets for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, so we went off to Manchester for the night.

My knitting club (I'll definitely have to write a blog post about it) is going well. We had much less turn up last week, but I still very much enjoy it, and love seeing others share the same passion! It's lovely although surreal to be in a room, drinking tea, knitting, and seeing others do exactly the same...

As I mentioned, my birthday is next Monday. I'm having a little party to celebrate, along with a lovely meal at one of my favourite restaurants and a couple of drinks afterwards! I'm currently busy making some handmade decorations and thinking of lovely cocktails to make.
I'm also having some custom made cupcakes from Tea Time - Jane is incredibly skilled, and her sugar flowers are works of art! I can't wait to receive my cupcakes and blog all about them.

I hope you're having a very lovely week so far.
Cross fingers I'll be able to blog throughout the week / weekend!



  1. We watched Wreck it Ralph on Valentines Day too! Only we were naughty and found it online ;) With a take away pizza thrown in - was lovely. Film was good too!
    Those pancakes look ssssoooo good!
    Absolutely adore your teapot. Perfect colour! Beautiful.
    Glad your knitting club is going well. You should definitely blog about it :) xx

  2. Your photography is always gorgeous! The pancakes look so yummy and I'm looking forward to seeing your birthday cupcakes! I really want to see Wreck it Ralph too, any good? xxx

  3. Your new teapot is adorable! Pancakes look amazing! glad you had a lovely day. :')

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