Monday, 4 February 2013

Weekly Roundup

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Another week has been and gone, and although I don't have much to show, I definitely feel as if I'm trying out new things and actually achieving something!
Tomorrow will be the first day of my knitting club. A lot more than I was expecting have shown an interest! I'm hoping to take my camera with me so I can share some snaps up on here.
I've been knitting a lot more lately. For some reason I'm really in the mood to knit. I love being able to create something that's unique and completely my own. 
I also knitted the cabled hat above for the lovely Sophie!

As for my life in general, no updates at the moment! My birthday is coming up in a month's time, and I'm seriously panicking as I need to sort something out! I'm thinking of staying here for a night or two either before or after my birthday. Gorgeous aren't they?

I have a baking review coming up this week which I've been excited about. As well as a green smoothie challenge update!

I hope you've all had a very lovely weekend.



  1. Can't wait to get my hat! :D
    Those little huts look amazing! I'd love to stay somewhere like that. I hope you do go, and blog about it! :) xx

  2. Oh wow that hat is lovely, can't believe you knitted it yourself! Also loving the look of those little huts in snowdonia, I went there last year and loved it :-) x

  3. lovely post :D the hat looks super cute!


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