Thursday, 14 March 2013

What I'm up to this week

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As I'm trying to do as many things with my week as possible, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm up to...

I remember someone recommended a great book a while ago. All I remembered was its bright blue cover which had a face with one eye on it. I searched all over the internet, and finally found it - Wonder by R J Palacio. I downloaded a sample on my iPad before going away to Paris, but I enjoyed it so much I just had to buy it. I'm not a fast reader, but I'm half way through and really enjoying it. Once I've finished it, I'll be sure to write up a little review on here - but I definitely recommend it.

Last night, I went to see Life of Pi at Galeri. I was gutted when I noticed it had disappeared from our local cinema a little earlier than I expected. 
Galeri is a lovely art gallery / theatre / cinema / events space all under one roof - just a few miles away from where I live. I've been enjoying spending time here lately, I intend to go and see something there at least once a month. Sometimes they show films for a £1!
Anyway, back to Life of Pi. I hadn't read the book, or seen much about the film, but some of my friends had seen it and loved it. Yes, I enjoyed it - but there's just something about the sea sickness I just don't seem to enjoy. Sea sickness aside, it's a stunning film with a beautiful story, and I would highly recommend seeing it, and I'll probably watch it again when it comes out on DVD. Both myself and my boyfriend agreed it deserved an 8 out of 10.

Over the weekend, I'm hoping to go to Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw to see an exhibition by Luned Rhys Parri. Luned is one of my favourite Welsh artists, and I even had the pleasure of meeting her a few months ago. I'm hoping to take along my camera and spend a nice afternoon out, looking at art, drinking tea and eating cake at the gallery!

There we have it, just some of the things I'm up to this week. 
How will you be spending your weekend?



  1. Sounds lovely :) I've just downloaded the sample of that book, as it sounds great! Thanks for the little recommendation :)

    My weekend will be spent relaxing, buying my new camera [eeee!] and a night out for a friend's birthday!


    1. Ahh you're getting a new camera?!?! :D
      x x x

    2. Yesss, I've finally saved enough for the Canon 1100D! Going to reserve it tomorrow and pick it up Saturday. I am very excited indeed! xx

  2. I didnt have the guts to go see Life of Pi in the cinema, it looked too sad! haha - personal blogs.


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