Thursday, 20 June 2013

I think of you every second of every day...

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I can't believe it'll be seven years without my mum on Saturday... I always hate this time of year, the awful memories seem like nightmares engraved in my mind. I remember everything as if it happened yesterday. 
I had a very happy childhood. My dad suffered a very awful car accident when he was just 25 and was told he'd never be able to work again. My mum became his full time carer. My parents were always around, they didn't have stressful jobs to go to, they dropped us off at school each morning, and were always there to pick us up. I was very much what I like to call 'bubble-wrapped' as a child, and still enjoy sugar coating life. I like to surround myself with pretty things, purely because life can be hard at times. 
My life has changed a lot over these past few months, and I'm very lucky to have incredibly supportive people by my side. 


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  1. This brought a tear to my eye. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow lovely. You are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life, I'm sure your Mum is looking down on you and is very proud of the lovely lady you have become. xx


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