Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yarn Bombing


Along with other members of my knitting group, we've been very busy knitting away to yarn bomb Caernarfon over the Gwyl Arall weekend.
In order to successfully attach our knitted creations around the town, we got up very early yesterday morning (meeting up at 6AM - Yikes!!) It took us a few hours to put everything up and take some photographs along the way! However, we were extremely shocked to see people walking around the town at that time of morning! People setting up their market stalls, bakeries busy baking bread for the day, newsagents opening up... It all seemed stange to us as we'd usually be fast asleep in bed.
One of my favourite pieces has to be the phone box with its knitted phone handle and cute little flower. Some knitted pieces have unfortunately been stolen or taken down which is a shame, but if you do happen to find one around Caernarfon (if you're around for Gwyl Arall!) be sure to post a picture using #GwauDre

I hope you've all had a very lovely weekend so far. I am well and truly shattered after yesteday! I also hosted a knitting workshop during the afternoon which was lovely. 
Today will probably be spent relaxing....!


Friday, 12 July 2013

Glamping Time

 photo IMG_1204WEB_zpsd0afd36a.jpg photo IMG_1117WEB_zpsb7374a16.jpg photo Photo-WEB_zps1e0a6ae5.jpg photo IMG_1197WEB_zps751a4694.jpg

It's been a while since I posted on here. In fact, I've been extremely busy! It was my boyfriend's birthday on Tuesday, and I wanted to make sure he had a good time.
Regular celebrations took place, we had a BBQ and drank lots of cider in my case...

We also had a week off work, and I was desperate to find somewhere for us to go. Venice, Amsterdam, London... They were all considered, but instead, we settled and stayed here in Wales - we went glamping! It's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time, and it was definitely a fantastic experience.

After spending many hours on the internet looking for glamping sites in Wales, I finally came across Beudy Banc through Cool Camping. I immediately contacted the owners, and shortly after, it was all booked! 
Thanks to the SatNav, we found the site instantly. After being greeted by the lovely owners, we made our way up to the bell tent located up the farm lane with beautiful views over the Machynlleth mountains. We were very lucky to have the site all to ourselves.
It was a truly lovely glamping experience, and I'm sure we'll be doing it all over again soon.


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