Sunday, 11 September 2016

New Yarn + WIP's!

Yet again, it's been another year since I posted anything up on here...!!
Over the past few years I've been developing my crochet skills. I used to be a keen knitter (although not a very good one....) Well, I knew the basics as I had to teach myself from scratch, but that was about it. I was a particular fan of making cabled hats each winter.
Anyway, after years of trying, I finally managed to make my first crochet blanket (I'm sure I've posted a photo of it in a previous post)
Since then, I've been hooked on crochet...

My latest obsession has to be socks. Knitted socks seem to be more common than crocheted socks, but I love them! I've made one pair using Sirdar Heart and Sole, and I'm waiting until my trip to Yarndale to buy some yarn to make more!
A few of us from my weekly knitting and crochet group have arranged to go to Yarndale for the first time this year, I can't wait. I'll post some photos up here when we come back.
I've also bought this gorgeous yarn from Golding Yarns and another skein from TravelKnitter, and I've decided to turn that one into a Virus Shawl. The pattern seems really easy to follow once you get the hang of it.
Another current WIP is the beautiful Fan Stitch Cardigan from Anna Wilkinson's Learn to Crochet, Love to Crochet. . I haven't finished it yet, I still have one side to finish and two sleeves to complete, but I'm looking forward to stitch it together so I can wear it. I've decided to use Vanna's Choice Yarn in a dusty blue colour. I think it'll be really warm as the pattern produces quite a thick material.

(Photos to follow soon!)


Lovely yarn by Golding Yarns
Colour : Blue Sky 

Yarn by TravelKnitter
Colour : Turning Tides 

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